Below is our list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. If you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.


    • How does G.I. Bill Pay work?

Simply stated, we pull dollars out of your U.S. bank account, convert those dollars into the local currency, and pay the bills you ask us to pay. We have your bills sent to our local office so we know how much to deduct from your account.
G.I. Bill Pay Service (GIBP) is a registered corporation that contractually works with another registered company, GIBP Inc. (U.S. registration). Between these two companies, we electronically debit money from U.S. banks, convert the dollars to the local currency, and electronically pay your bills.

    • Is it safe?

Yes. GIBP uses U.S. banking system software to withdraw/deposit money from/to your account. You are protected by U.S. law against unauthorized withdrawals from your account. GIBP has been paying bills for Americans in Japan since 1999, Korea since 2005, and Germany since 2008.

    • How much does the service cost?

It depends on what service you are signing up for. The monthly fee can be as low as $3.50 or as high as $15.00. Contact your local office for further details.

    • What kind of bill-payment services do you provide?

GIBP can pay your rent, utility bills, phone bills, and much more. Please click on our SERVICES tab above to view the list of payments we support. If you have a different type of bill, let us know. We’ll try to help you.


    • What do I need to bring to sign up for the service?

A contract needs to be signed at the nearest local office to begin using our service. Please bring the items listed below when you come in.
• Photo ID
• Proof of bank information (voided check or bank statement with your name and account number)
• Lease Agreement
• Current bills or paid receipts of old bills (helpful, but not necessary)
*Additional requirements may apply. Please contact the closest local office for details.

    • How long is the sign-up time?

A typical sign-up only takes about 10 minutes.

    • I live hours away from the closest GIBP office. Will I still have to come in to sign-up?

We believe we can help.  Please contact the nearest office for assistance.

    • Can my wife or friend do the sign up for me?

An official Power of Attorney is required for a third party to sign a contract for you unless they are a joint bank account holder with you. Proof of joint account ownership is required.


    • How long will it take to get the service started?

GIBP requires 2 business days to process your contract.
Please sign up at least 2 business days before the payday from which you would like to start our payment service.

    • When do you make the withdrawal from my account?

GIBP normally makes withdrawals on military paydays stateside time. There are some exceptions.

    • How much are you withdrawing from my bank account each payday?

It depends on what payment(s) you sign up for. If you use our service for rent payment only, then you have an idea of how much we are withdrawing from your account each payday by calculating the dollar amount of your rent in the local currency. If you have other payments with us, we enter the billing amounts in the local currency in our database as we receive them. Although it is hard for us to tell you the exact withdrawal amount due to the constant change in the currency exchange rate, we can give you the amount in the local currency when you contact us.
For utility payments, if you’re living in Japan, you can also estimate the billing amounts by checking the meter readings your utility companies deposit in your mailbox.

    • How can I view my detailed payment information?

You can view your monthly statements on the GIBP website. In order to do this, you need to register online with GIBP. If you have not already done so, please do so here.


    • I am ready to move out of my house. What do I have to do?

Contact us as soon as you know your move out date. We will assist you in canceling your service.

    • Can I move my GIBP account to another GIBP office when PCSing?

As of now, we are asking customers to close their accounts at the current office and open a new account at the new location. This is necessary because your bills will be different and the office nearest you will be making these payments.